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Taurus Cash Apps, Download Taurus Cash Apps, Download Taurus Cash APK – Hello Friends, today I have brought a very great news for you people if you are an affiliate marketing person, then it can be more beneficial for you. Friends, at the moment, a very best Taurus Cash App app has come through it, you can earn thousands of rupees daily and it is also very easy to earn money in it. You can earn more by working less in it, there is nothing you have to do, just take a little time and promote different Teen Patti games. Meaning if u say there are different three cards game, you have to share them through referral link.

If you are thinking of making money in this way, then you must read our post post to the end in this, we will tell you all the information of the Taurus Cash App App step by step, so that you will be given all the information about this app.

What Is Taurus Cash App?

So let’s now know about this app Friends this app is an online earning app. In this app you will get to see a lot of Teen Patti games. You have to share the referral link of the apps to friends, in exchange for which you are given money through the app. In a way, you can also say that you will be given money for the promotion of these Teen Patti apps.

About Taurus Cash Interface

Now know where to see what is on within this app? Friends, its interface is made very simple. When you open the Taurus Cash App application, you will first see three options out of which the first option will be seen of make money and after that the second option task story third option will be me. At the moment, there are 4 Teen Patti games in this app from which you can earn money by sharing the link of any teen patti game and you will also see the option of withdrawal from where you can take your earned money into your bank account through withdrawal.

In this, an option of today’s Commission will also be seen, in this you will see how much you have earned throughout the day and this gets to see the option of customer service and notification at the top of the interface.

How To Use Taurus Cash App

Using Taurus Cash App is very simple friends, when you open the Taurus Cash App app, first you have to create your account. After creating an account, you must go to the home page.

After going to the home page, you will see about four Teen Patti games in it, Gate ₹20 will be seen near the games, where Gate ₹20 will be written, you have to click on that option.

After clicking, you will be asked to share the referral link of that app, you share its link on WhatsApp Facebook and your Telegram account.

If anyone downloads Teen Patti app through your shared link then your account will get ₹20 immediately and if he adds money to that app then you will get 30% as instant Commission.

How To Download Taurus Cash App?

It is very easy to download this app just you have to click on the link given below and this link will redirect you to the downloading page of this app where you have to Download Taurus Cash App by clicking on the download option.

How To Sign Up IN Taurus Cash App?

So friends now talk about how to sign up in this app friends, you must have downloaded the app, after downloading, you have to install it in your Android mobile phone.

After installing, you will open this app after you have opened, you will see the option of sign up on it, you have to click on that option.

After the sign up option is opened, you will see a box to fill the mobile number in it, you have to give your mobile number in that box and click on the Request button below.

After clicking on the button, an OTP message will come to the mobile number entered in the app. After that OTP message is confirmed, your account will successfully become the app.

What Is Task In Taurus Cash App

In Taurus Cash App, you will get a task name option, now you know what can happen in this option? As soon as you open this option, you will have to show different scores that you can claim by completing and after claiming the transfer, you will have to complete that task. As soon as you complete his KO, the money indicated in his score will be added to your account, from which you get to see the Test between ₹5 and ₹20 and ₹30. In which there are some of my tasks of Taurus Cash App like in it, you get to see more and more tasks that invite your friends.

Discount Offer in Taurus Game

In Taurus Cash App, you get to see a Taurus Cash App discount store that comes within me inside your interface, you will click on this option, you will see the option of the name of a discount store, by clicking on which you can buy your chip. Friends, by buying these things, you get a lot of offers such as if you buy ₹300, you will get ₹315, in this there are also bonuses according to the division such as if you are on the Silver Division, you will get a bonus of 5 percent and if you are on the Gold division, you get a bonus of 10 percent and if your division is even higher then you get a discount accordingly.

How To Withdrawal In Taurus Cash App?

So friends now talk about how you can take money earned in your bank account with this app, then friends, the way to transfer your earned money to your account is also very easy first you have to open the app, after you open your Profile section, you will see a withdrawal option in it, after clicking on that option, you fill in the money that you have to withdraw and after filling, you enter your bank account or UPI ID, after doing so, you click on OK, it will transfer you money to your account as soon as possible.

Taurus Cash Customer Care Support, Taurus Cash Adress

Friends, if you are having any problem in running this app it is your complaint then you can contact them in the customer care helpline provided by them. Friends, your problem will be solved very quickly by their customer care helpline, their customer care helpline is given below.

Email : melody041718@gmail.com
WhatsApp no: 9375482323

How to Make Big Money on Taurus Cash?

1. What is Taurus?

Taurus is one of the fastest growing promotion platforms in India.

Now I am sharing with you the best way to make money at home.

Spend 2 hours a day and earn 200,000 Rupees a month.

It is a very reliable, secured and easy platform to withdraw money quickly to your bank account.

2. Why Choose Taurus ?

1) As of September 2021, Taurus platform already has more than 3.8 million promoters, and it is growing at a very rapid speed every day. Join now you will get quick benefits.

2) At present, there are four kinds of games in Taurus. In the near future, Taurus will support the promotion of more Apps, you can choose whatever you like to share.

Why choose Taurus

3) Free training is provided on the Taurus platform, your questions will be answered during the promotion and we will help all promoters earn more commissions.

4) Taurus provides different support to promoters at different stages, including pictures, copywriting, discussions, etc.

5) You can get a super high and lifetime commission from the users you have invited. In other words, the longer you promote, the more commissions and easier it will be.

3. You Can Earn Money By Taurus

Here you have a total of 5 ways to make money.

Firstly, copy your referral link and share it to your friends.

Let your friends download the game from the link and install, and you can get 20 Rupees.

you can earn money by Taurus

Secondly, when your friends recharge in the game, you can also get money, up to 30% of their recharge.

Thirdly, teach your referrals how to promote the game.

Let them share the game to their friends, then your referrals will become your affiliates.

You can also get a share of the money he earns from promoting the game.

This part of the share is subsidized by our financial account, and the income of your affiliates will not be affected.

Fourthly, let your affiliates develop their own affiliates,

and then you can get a share of the money earned by the new affiliates who are developed by the old affiliates.

And you can also see details about your affiliates, such as their commission today and how much money they have earned in total.

Lastly, buy discounted chips, and then sell these chips to your referrals, you will also make huge profits by the price difference.

4. Taurus Division Rules

All the game promoters here are divided into different divisions.

You can always challenge yourself to pursue a higher division.

The five divisions are bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond.

The higher division you are, the higher percentage of commissions you get when your referrals are recharging, and the higher percentage of commissions you get from the affiliates, and you can also get a higher discount rate when buying chips.

Taurus is a great platform to make money without leaving your home. If you have a certain reputation on the Internet, then you will make more money.

Start sharing now and begin your journey of making money!


Friends, we hope you enjoyed this article quite well. We hope that the information given in this article will be useful to you friends, you have known in this article What is Taurus Cash App ? How to download Taurus Cash App? How to earn money in Taurus Cash App ? All questions related to Taurus Cash App are given to you in this article if you have to give any feedback or suggestion from this article then you can give us in the comments your suggestion is priceless to us then please keep motivating us by commenting Thank you.

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